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  • IMPUNITY- Perceptions and experience of Albanian citizens (2014 - 2015)

    The "Impunity- Perceptions and experience of Albanian Citizens"  qualitative/quantitaive study was conducted by IDRA between November 2014 and March 2015. The research was supported both, technically and financially by the Open Society Foundation in Albania (SOROS). The quantitative component of the study was based on a national survey with 1200 face-to-face interviews, 18 yrs old and above ( with a boost sample of 200 young from 18-24 years old). Whereas the qualitative component included 13 focus groups, as well as 6 in-depth interviews. This research study  aims at exploring  the public perception of the different factors (cultural, social, economic) as well as the role of different institutions influencing the existence of the phenomenon. It also introduces a set of measurable indicators of the phenomenon, based on findings from the national representative survey.

    Click to see Full PDF report...


  • Experience and Perception on Performance of Local Governance”-  OSCE Albania,  2014 – Ongoing

    The “Experience and Perception on Performance of Local Governance” study is implemented in the framework of the project “Assessing corruption levels in Fier and Lushnja municipalities and building capacity of local government and civil society to more effectively interact and co-operate in tackling corruption”.


  • UN Women- Freedom of Vote and Family Voting (2014)

    The "Freedom of Vote and Family Voting study" was conducted in 2014 by the Institute for Development Research and Alternatives (IDRA) with the technical and financial assistance of the UN Women.

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    In 2012, IDRA was commissioned by the World Bank to conduct a study aimed at determining whether reforms in the higher education system supported by World Bank operations are likely to have significant poverty and social consequences. The project aimed at understanding the incentives and disincentives that influence the decision of students in selecting universities and programs. Additionally, it aimed at exploring factors that make a good university from the students’ point of view, the qualities that matter to them, and the minimum quality standards they expect from universities.


  • STATE MATURA: Measuring the impact of the reform - OSFA / Soros, 2012

    In 2012 IDRA was commissioned by the Open Society Foundation in Albania (OSFA) to conduct a research study whose aim was to assess the quality of state Matura process.



    In 2011, under the framework of the WYG /IPF (Infrastucture Projects Facility in the Western Balkans) and in cooperation with the Ministry of Education in Albania ( MoE), IDRA implemented a project aimed at gathering data on the physical conditions of buildings/facilities of Ministry of Education pre-university schools / facilities (about 3349) all over Albania.

    School Audit Presentation (PDF)
    School Inventory, Lessons Learnt (PDF)



    In 2011, IDRA conducted a study commissioned by the Open Society Foundation in Albania (OSFA) which intended to identify and investigate the root causes having a direct role in the degree of marginalization and poor socio-economic status of the Roma community in Albania.


  • Public Expenditure Tracking Survey - The case of 2 Albanian Municipalities (Shkodra, Pogradec) (2010-2011)

    Between 2010 -2011, IDRA conducted a study which was funded by LGPA / USAID, on Project Expenditure Tracking. The study, both qualitative and quantitative in terms of the research instruments employed, aimed at evaluating current budgetary processes, the level of involvement of the community in local budgetary procedures as well as potential trends in the budget contents in the Municipality of Shkoder and Pogradec.

  • "Albanian School Stakeholders Survey and Field Experiment" World Bank & Oxford University, 2009

    IDRA in cooperation with Oxford University, funded by World Bank, has implemented a major research project on the Public School System in Albania.

  • IDRA present the findings of the E-Tax Services Survey 2010

    IDRA is pleased to present the findings of the Electronic Tax Services Survey conducted by IDRA under contract by the Millennium Challenge Corporation Albania Threshold Program II, during January - March, 2010, in the cities of Tirana, Durr?s, Fier, Vlora, and Shkodra. The E-Tax Services Survey conducted by IDRA had two main objectives: (a) to assess the performance, accessibility, usefulness of e-tax services, and business awareness of their availability; and (b) to make concrete and significant recommendations on enhancing e-tax services usage and making them more efficient and transparent.

  • Click to see Full PDF report...

    RAPORTI I PLOTE NE SHQIP (PDF in Albanian)...

  • IDRA is providing website technical support to Albanian Exporters
    IDRA is providing website technical support for a number of Albanian Exporters of products and/or services ...

  • Presentation of Results for the "Local Government" surveys
    Hotel TIRANA International, 2008
    IDRA has presented the results for the Local Government surveys, an urban survey of 800 respondents in various municipalities and approx. 400 interviewes in each of 10 selected cities (Shkodra, Lezha, Kukes, Fushe-Kruja, Fier, Himara, Gramsh, Librazhd, Pogradec, Korca) in overall 4772 interviews...

  • IDRA Director a Panel Speaker at USAID supported International Conference
    Mr. Auron Pasha, Executive Director of IDRA, was a Panel Speaker at the International Conference - Democracy that Delivers: Unlocking the potential of Transition, supported by USAID and held in Sofia on May 21st 2008. His speech was scheduled for the panel -Democratic Transition and the role of International Assistance.

  •

  • IDRA is implementing the "Business Impact Survey" (2008) of the Millennium Challenge project in Albania
    The survey will focus on three issues: on tax administration, public procurement and business registration. This survey of business of Large Taxpayers Office will map perceptions of the business community on the quality and effectiveness of services, professionalism, level of understanding of laws and regulations, responsiveness of public officials and corruption in the areas mentioned.

  •

  • Presentation of Results for the survey: "Corruption in Albania - Perception and Experience"
    Tirana, 7th of May 2008
    For the third year in the row IDRA prepared and published the Corruption Survey report. On 7th of May, the results of the survey were presented in a conference organized by "Rule of Law" USAID project at Economic Faculty of University of Tirana. The conference was attended by media, civil society representatives, international community and other institutions.

  •

  • Assessing and monitoring the interaction between local government and the central government devolved agencies in exercising the common functions
    It's the latest research project on local government issues IDRA is being carried out in partnership with Institute for Democracy and Mediation, supported by Soros Foundation. This project is being implemented in four cites: Shkoder, Durres, Korce dhe Fier.

  •

  • IDRA implemented "Young Voices Poll" for UNICEF-Albania
    IDRA is proud to announce that it has been awarded by UNICEF the research project "Young voices poll". This project main objective was to establish national baseline data about the situation of Albanian youth.

  •

  • Local Government Surveys
    For the third year in the row IDRA has conducted an urban survey which examine how citizens view local government services.

  •

  • Training on Opinion Polls
    IDRA conducted training/seminars on Opinion Polls in Shkodra, Fieri, Pogradec and Gjirokastra. These training/seminars was organized by the LGDA project with participant officials from many municipalities around the country...

  • Fact Sheets for Albinvest
    IDRA has conduct a study by gathering, selecting and processing Business Data for Albinvest (the State Agency for Foreign Investments in Albania).

  •

  • Media Monitoring on Local Elections
    IDRA has conducted Media Monitoring for Local Elections held in 18 February 2007. During the period December 2006 - February 2007 IDRA has monitored 9 main TV channels and 5 main Newspapers. This Media Monitoring project has been supported from the USAID project "Democracy and Governance in Albania" (DGA)...

  • Life in Transition Survey
    IDRA Research has conducted for Albania the EBRD's "Life in Transition" survey. "Life in Transition" survey was conducted in 30 countries in Europe, CIS (ex Soviet Union) & Turkey. The survey in 30 countries was coordinated by Synovate and IDRA Research was the partner for Albania....

  • National Survey on Consumers
    IDRA Research conducted a national (urban) survey on Consumers' rights, their awareness and the consumer behaviour. In 15 of march is the International Day of Consumers. Click here for the results (in Albanian)

  • Business Ethics in Korca
    In the framework of EDEM project IDRA organized a meeting of business community in Korca to launch its training program for business ethics and the declaration of values. More than 25 businesses were present in the meeting and they did sign the declaration of values.

  •

  • Mentoring Workshop (Call 6 of EU's FP6)
    IDRA participated in the Mentoring Workshop for the Call 6 of EU's 6th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, its Information Society Technologies (IST) priorities & the e-Government research projects for Western Balkans. The workshop was held in Hotel Rogner Tirana (Albania) was organized by CIVET 2000 in the framework of EU's is2web project.

  • Business Ethics in Gjirokastra
    In the framework of EDEM project, IDRA in cooperation with the Gjirokastra Chamber of Commerce has prepared a declaration of values to be adopted by its members. The Declaration is part of the overall EDEM objective to improve Business Ethics in Albanian business Community. The Declaration sets the principles of Ethics in business operation and sets the ground for adoption of individual business ethics codes

  •

  • Local Government and the Business (paper)
    In the framework of EDEM/USAID project, IDRA has produced a paper which looks into all the areas of interaction between businesses and local governments. The idea of this paper is to create an inventory of all the areas where a possible intervention is needed to improve the business climate at local level. The next stage is to select one area for piloting in several municipalities in order to improve procedures/service in relation to businesses. Read or download the report (PDF) ...

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Matura Shtetërore - Një Vlerësim i Cilësisë së Sistemit, 2013
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Fact Sheets for Albinvest
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